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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: P

1Dr. PASCAL OGAR OZUNGAnimal Science +2348062246745 View
2Dr. PATIENCE ANTIGHA AKPANMedical Laboratory Science +2348027321305 View
3Dr. PATIENCE ANTIGHA AKPANMedical Laboratory Science +2348027321305 View
4Mrs. PATIENCE BASSEY Institute of Oceanography 08035759817 View
5Mrs. PATRICIA ENDELEY INYANGJurisprudence and International Law 23408073069118 View
6Mr. PATRICK JOHNSON MENDIEPhilosophy 54022108032182251 View
7Dr. PATRICK ENE OKONMass Communication +2348033143777 View
8Mr. PATRICK OKO ODEYHistory and International Studies +2347030572522 View
9Mr. PATRICK CHUKWUNONSO ALOAMAKAJurisprudence and International Law 23408131007870 View
10Dr. PATRICK OKARA EBURUAnimal Science +2349072199515 View
11Prof. PATRICK ABAM ARIKPOCurriculum and Teaching 2348055668898 View
12Mr. PATRICK OKON BASSEYTheatre and Media Studies +23408027469489 View
13Dr. PAUL BASSEY OKON-INYANGSoil Science +2348035401822 View
14Dr. PAUL COLUMBA INYANG-ETOHMedical Laboratory Science +2348037237567 View
15Dr. PAUL BASSEY EKPOGenetics and Biotechnology +2348036004696 View
16Mr. PAUL ODAH EBILACommercial and Industrial Law 23408090969000 View
17Dr. PETER C. OKAFORPure and Applied Chemistry +2348034295604 View
18Dr. PETER SAMUEL UBIEconomics +23408035072890 View
19Dr. PETER NWACHUKWU MBAEconomics +2348034024499 View
20Dr. PETER UMOH BASSEYEducational Foundation 2348037107633 View
21Dr. PETER ALEXANDER Public Health +2348181499606 View
22Dr. PIUS MONDAY UDIAPharmacology 23408037748430 View
23Mr. PRINCEWILL ODE ODUMGeography and Environmental Science 23408034720405 View