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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: P

1Dr. PASCAL OGAR OZUNGAnimal Science +2348062246745 View
2Dr. PATIENCE ANTIGHA AKPANMedical Laboratory Science +2348027321305 View
3Dr. PATIENCE ANTIGHA AKPANMedical Laboratory Science +2348027321305 View
4Mrs. PATIENCE BASSEY OPEHInstitute of Oceanography 08035759817 View
5Prof. PATIENCE EDOHO SAMSON-AKPANNursing Science +2348023799858 View
6Mrs. PATRICIA ENDELEY INYANGJurisprudence and International Law 23408073069118 View
7Mr. PATRICK JOHNSON MENDIEPhilosophy 54022108032182251 View
8Dr. PATRICK ENE OKONMass Communication +2348033143777 View
9Mr. PATRICK OKO ODEYHistory and International Studies +2347030572522 View
10Mr. PATRICK CHUKWUNONSO ALOAMAKAJurisprudence and International Law 23408131007870 View
11Dr. PATRICK OKARA EBURUAnimal Science +2349072199515 View
12Prof. PATRICK ABAM ARIKPOCurriculum and Teaching 2348055668898 View
13Mr. PATRICK OKON BASSEYTheatre and Media Studies +23408027469489 View
14Mr. PATRICK AWOK MBUMMarketing 07031826974 View
15Prof. PATRICK EKONG EBONGBiochemistry 23408037048715 View
16Dr. PAUL BASSEY OKON-INYANGSoil Science +2348035401822 View
17Dr. PAUL COLUMBA INYANG-ETOHMedical Laboratory Science +2348037237567 View
18Dr. PAUL BASSEY EKPOGenetics and Biotechnology 08036004696 View
19Mr. PAUL ODAH EBILACommercial and Industrial Law 23408090969000 View
20Prof. PAUL BASSEY UDOHZoology and Environmental Biology +2348035091976 View
21Prof. PAUL ONU AJAHMari Culture and Marine Fisheries Resources 23408033707901 View
22Dr. PAUL EDET ITARIContinuing Education/Developmental Studies 23408037238971 View
23Dr. PAULINA ACKLEY AKPAN-IDIOKNursing Science +2348033677754 View
24Dr. PAULINA ACKLEY AKPAN-IDIOKNursing Science +2348033677754 View
25Dr. PAULINE EKURI Human Kinetics and Health Education 08033446481 View
26Mrs. PEGGY OBASEOJEI WILLIEGenetics and Biotechnology +2347039413769 View
27Dr. PETER C. OKAFORPure and Applied Chemistry +2348034295604 View
28Dr. PETER SAMUEL UBIEconomics +23408035072890 View
29Dr. PETER NWACHUKWU MBAEconomics +2348034024499 View
30Dr. PETER UMOH BASSEYEducational Foundation 2348037107633 View
31Dr. PETER ALEXANDER Public Health +2348181499606 View
32Engr. PETER DAFFIN ONWEElectrical and Electronic Engineering +2348034173541 View
33Prof. PETER MARTIN ONWUDINJOEnglish & Literary Studies +23408062556212 View
34Dr. PETER A.OTI Accounting 08058235962 View
35Dr. PETER OSOBASE AIKPOKPODIONGenetics and Biotechnology +23408053929302 View
36Mr. PETER NGA ASSIMathematics +23408035150950 View
37Dr. PHILIP ETABEE MACDONALDPublic Health +2348056446816 View
38Dr. PHILOMENA EDET ASUQUOInstitute of Oceanography 23408028311616 View
39Dr. PIUS MONDAY UDIAPharmacology 2348037748430 View
40Mr. PIUS AKAN AZABEYEBusiness Management 07066981287 View
41Mr. PRINCEWILL ODE ODUMGeography and Environmental Science 23408034720405 View