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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: O

1Dr. OBAR I. IROMHistory and International Studies 2348066632945 View
2Mrs. OBIA GLibrary and Information Science 11155508066385628 View
3Mr. ODEY CLARENCE ODEYSocial Science Education +23407060721477 View
4Dr. OFEM EFFIONG OFEMPhysiology 2348137026600 View
5Dr. OFEM EFFIONG OFEMPhysiology 23408137026600 View
6Dr. OFFIONG, RAPHAEL AYAMAGeography and Environmental Science 540+2348034506530 View
7Mrs. OFONIME MARK OGBAMedical Laboratory Science +23408035404728 View
8Mr. OGAR ANTHONY Banking and Finance +23408063813860 View
9Dr. OGRI JAMES USHIEElectrical and Electronic Engineering +234+2348065747436 View
10Mr. OGRI, ERIC UGORMass Communication +2347064779793 View
11Dr. OJUA, TAKIM ASUSocial Work +2348033363019 View
12Dr. OKEY OYAMA OVATEconomics +2348036011315 View
13Dr. OKOKON ITA ITAMedical Microbiology/Parasitology 2348055930192 View
14Mr. OKPE TIMOTHY ADIEPhilosophy +2348037977188 View
15Dr. OLUWATOSIN OHOTUOWO KENNEDYAnimal Science 2348052299139 View
16Mr. OSMOND AGBOR OTORAHistory and International Studies +2348034364825 View
17Mr. OSONG, UBANA OBETENMass Communication +2347033749069 View