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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: O

1Mrs. OBA ACHI Educational Foundation +2347035375813 View
2Dr. OBAJI ETABA OBAJICommunity Medicine +23408033557902 View
3Dr. OBAL USANG EDETAccounting 08035523486 View
4Dr. OBAR I. IROMHistory and International Studies 2348066632945 View
5Dr. OBEN BASSEY OGARModen Languages and Translation Studies +2348030946701 View
6Mrs. OBIA GLibrary and Information Science 11155508066385628 View
7Mrs. OBIAGELI CHIEZEY ONWUSAKAPublic Health +2348069216707 View
8Prof. OBINNA INNOCIENT ENUKOHAScience Education +2348036744279 View
9Mr. OBOH JOHN OGENYIAccounting 2340108036725755 View
10Dr. OBONG, LINUS BEBAGeography and Environmental Science +2348037370227 View
11Mrs. OBUROTA CHUKWUEDO SUSANEconomics 2347034980587 View
12Mr. ODEY CLARENCE ODEYSocial Science Education +23407060721477 View
13Mr. ODEY EFFENJI FERDINANDPublic Administration 2348063359303 View
14Dr. ODEY VERONICA EBIModen Languages and Translation Studies +23408032736556 View
15Dr. OFEM EFFIONG OFEMPhysiology 2348137026600 View
16Dr. OFEM EFFIONG OFEMPhysiology 23408137026600 View
17Mr. OFEM KOKEI IKPISoil Science +2347030460335 View
18Dr. OFEM EGBE ENANGInternal Medicine +2348023319103 View
19Dr. OFFIONG, RAPHAEL AYAMAGeography and Environmental Science 540+2348034506530 View
20Mr. OFFUM PETER FRANCISEconomics 2347064370438 View
21Dr. OFONIME MARK OGBAMedical Laboratory Science 08035404728 View
22Mr. OGAR ANTHONY Banking and Finance 08063813860 View
23Mr. OGAR GODSPOWER UNUNGAccounting 2340108030997618 View
24Mr. OGAR-ABANG JOHN OYONGAccounting 08166995197 View
25Mr. OGBU VICTOR OGARPublic Administration 2348039229060 View
26Dr. OGBUAGU UDENSI UGORJIGenetics and Biotechnology +23408030813667 View
27Prof. OGBUAGU UCHECHI REX-AIMEconomics 2347061080061 View
28Ms. OGEMDI CHINWENDU ANIKAMicrobiology +23408065185060 View
29Dr. OGRI JAMES USHIEElectrical and Electronic Engineering +2348065747436 View
30Mr. OGRI, ERIC UGORMass Communication +2347064779793 View
31Mr. OJIE MICHAEL PETERBusiness Management 2340108137557182 View
32Dr. OJONIMI FERDINAND EDINOPublic Administration 23408064500992 View
33Dr. OJU RICHARD IBORZoology and Environmental Biology 2348039451891 View
34Dr. OKA PETER ONENGeography and Environmental Science +23407039600099 View
35Mr. OKAFOR JUSTUS ONYEBUCHIReligious and Cultural Studies +23407083621771 View
36Dr. OKEY O OVATEconomics +2348036011315 View
37Mr. OKEZIE ONYEMAECHI Microbiology +2348064048710 View
38Mr. OKOI INNOCENT OBETENBanking and Finance 2348038971701 View
39Dr. OKOKON ITA ITAMedical Microbiology/Parasitology 2348055930192 View
40Mr. OKON ASIDOK NSIKHEEconomics 2348062842502 View
41Prof. OKON EKWERE ESSIENInternal Medicine +2348036541840 View
42Dr. OKON, OKON ASUQUOObstetrics and Gynaecology 2348035909334 View
43Mr. OKONETTE EKANEM Public Administration 23408136292171 View
44Mrs. OKONKWO CHIBUZOR ONYINYEBiochemistry 23408068758063 View
45Mrs. OKOR VELDA BASSEYFine and Applied Arts +23408035235797 View
46Dr. OKOT-ASI THOMAS NKU-EKPANGPhysiology 23408060943434 View
47Mr. OKPE TIMOTHY ADIEPhilosophy +2348037977188 View
48Dr. OKPILIYA FRANCIS INAHGeography and Environmental Science +23408068223854 View
49Prof. OKPOK ETA OKONZoology and Environmental Biology +2348037101575 View
50Prof. OKU ENENWAN ESIENZoology and Environmental Biology +2348037027702 View
51Dr. OLAIDE BAMIDELE EDETNursing Science +2348039775596 View
52Dr. OLAITAN RUTH ASUQUOAccounting 23408162989121 View
53Mrs. OLAJUMOKE OMOBOLA Biochemistry 23408033189503 View
54Mrs. OLALEYE IBUKUN GRACEInstitute of Oceanography 23408060240827 View
55Dr. OLANREWAJU SALIMON BELLOSoil Science +2348033793655 View
56Dr. OLIVER OKEY OJIForestry & Wildlife Res. MGT. +2348035589919 View
57Dr. OLOSE OMAMURHOMU EMMANUELPsychiatry +2348033943217 View
58Mrs. OLUCHI AUGUSTA Microbiology +2348037761799 View
59Dr. OLUWATOSIN OHOTUOWO KENNEDYAnimal Science 2348052299139 View
60Dr. OMANG ACHODA THOMASSociology +2348166687000 View
61Dr. OMORONYIA OGBAN EZUKWACommunity Medicine +23408066283835 View
62Mr. ONIGAH, PETER OKOBanking and Finance 08037931877 View
63Dr. ONNOGHEN USANG NKANUEnvironmental Education 23408171953333 View
64Mrs. ONOME EDET GEORGEAgricultural Economics +2348037810012 View
65Prof. ONOZENG, OYONO IGIRIAnatomy 23408034104880 View
66Dr. ONWUKWE CHRISTIAN ELENDUStatistics +23408037134718 View
67Dr. OROK ESU OYO-ITAPure and Applied Chemistry 07069483226 View
68Dr. OSABOR VINCENT NDEMPure and Applied Chemistry 08034053220 View
69Dr. OSARO CHARLES OKEAYA-INNEHRestorative Dentistry +2348067593185 View
70Dr. OSIM STELLA EMEReligious and Cultural Studies +23408035082764 View
71Mr. OSMOND AGBOR OTORAHistory and International Studies 08034364825 View
72Mr. OSMOND AGBOR OTORAHistory and International Studies +2348034364825 View
73Mr. OSONG, UBANA OBETENMass Communication +2347033749069 View
74Dr. OTALOR JOHN IKPONWOSAAccounting 08037403415 View
75Dr. OTASOWIE DANIEL OSUNDEOral and Maxillofacial Surgery +2348034529092 View
76Dr. OTOBONG BENJAMIN Soil Science +23408035068991 View
77Dr. OTORA OSMOND AGBORHistory and International Studies +2348034364825 View
78Dr. OTU IKOI ETTAHAgricultural Economics +2348037917647 View
79Dr. OTU OFFIONG DUKEPublic Administration 23408035492186 View
80Ms. OTUAGOMA FLORENCE ONORORAKPOENEAccounting 08038997444 View
81Mrs. OVAT SYLVIA VICTOREducational Foundation 23408035501291 View
82Mr. OYIME ADEJUMO THEOPHILUSPolitical Science 23408027577654 View
83Mr. OYONGA AUGUSTINE OYONGAGeology 08187009492 View