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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: N

1Prof. NDEM AYARA NDIYOEconomics 2348037137491 View
2Dr. NDIFON NEJI OBIPolitical Science +2348028494791 View
3Dr. NDUBUISI OZOEMENA CHIAGHANAMRadiography +2348034080297 View
4Mr. NDUKWE,OGBA UDE Public Law 23408065720691 View
5Dr. NDUM VICTOR ETIMPublic Administration 23408033024981 View
6Dr. NEJI PETER AMBAPure and Applied Chemistry +2347060610748 View
7Dr. NELSON CHUKWUDI OSUCHUKWUPublic Health +2348035872986 View
8Dr. NESSIE CORNELIUS ESSIENNursing Science +2348055672316 View
9Dr. NGIM OGBU EWEZUSurgery 23408034054782 View
10Mrs. NGOZI UCHECHI UKAMVocational Education +23408077961418 View
11Prof. NKEREUWEM MICHAEL JOHNSoil Science +2348061163822 View
12Dr. NKESE EFFIONG MKPANAMCommunity Medicine +2348708022048063 View
13Dr. NKESE EFFIONG MKPANAMCommunity Medicine +23408022048063 View
14Mr. NNANA OKOI OFEMSocial Work +2347033579078 View
15Mr. NNANA OKOI OFEMSocial Work 23407033579078 View
16Prof. NNEOYI ONEN EGBERadiography +23408065920955 View
17Mrs. NNEOYI NNANA Business Management +2348023084743 View
18Dr. NNETTE OKON EKPEYONGCommunity Medicine +23408037237979 View
19Dr. NONSO EMMANUEL ONYIAOral Pathology/Medicine/Diagnosis +2348037521206 View
20Dr. NSA R. B.Soil Science +2348166992393 View
21Mr. NTONGHA ENI IKPISociology +23408037360359 View
22Prof. NWABUGO EUCHARIA NWAGBARASociology +2348055662353 View
23Dr. NWAGBARA VICTOR IKECHUKWUSurgery 08037124467 View
24Dr. NWOBU EMMANUEL NNAMDIModen Languages and Translation Studies 08035676901 View
25Dr. NZEYO GABRIEL Religious and Cultural Studies +23408060516120 View