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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: M

1Prof. MAISIE HENRIETTA ETUKUDOMedical Laboratory Science +2348063921213 View
2Mrs. MARIA CHARLES UMOHReligious and Cultural Studies +2348030946701 View
3Dr. MARK STEPHEN UMOHSurgery 23408033190680 View
4Prof. MARTIN MADU MEREMIKWUPaediatrics +2348036742377 View
5Dr. MAURICE MBAH Medical Laboratory Science 54024207039121644 View
6Dr. MAURICE MBAH Medical Laboratory Science +2347039121644 View
7Dr. MAURICE GEORGE EKPEYONGMicrobiology 5402427031692771 View
8Prof. MBEH UBANA ETENGBiochemistry 23408064628445 View
9Dr. MFON EYO Guidance and Counselling 2348022227311 View
10Dr. MFON ISUA AKPASOAnatomy 23408023315864 View
11Dr. MICHAEL EFFIONG OKUAnatomy 23408061666803 View
12Mr. MICHEAL EDET IBANGAJurisprudence and International Law 23408065101885 View
13Dr. MICHEAL TAKIM OTUPrivate and Property Law 23408033567772 View
14Ms. MKPOUTO UDO PIUSGenetics and Biotechnology +2348184175103 View
15Mrs. MOKUTIMA ETIDO EKPOPublic Law 23408030894665 View
16Dr. MONICA NDUDI ADEKOYAChild Dental Health +2348027240284 View
17Mr. MOWANG DOMINIC AWAMZoology and Environmental Biology +2348030746060 View
18Dr. MRS ROSEMARY ONYAEducational Administration and Planning 2340803528079 View