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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: L

1Mr. LAPAH PIERRE TAKEMPharmacology 23408033260060 View
2Mr. LAWAL SULEIMAN GBENGABanking and Finance 08034353777 View
3Dr. LAWRENCE NKPANG EKWOKMass Communication +2348035525785 View
4Mr. LEHIOWO OBOJOR-OGAR Physics +23408035082347 View
5Prof. LEONARD NNABUENYI AGWUNOBIAnimal Science +2348035804162 View
6Dr. LILIAN OKORO Theatre and Media Studies +23408036424721 View
7Dr. LINUS ODUMOGBAN INYANGSociology 23408039541823 View
8Dr. LIONEL EFFIOM Economics +23408030887565 View
9Dr. LIONEL EFFIOM Economics +23408030887565 View
10Mr. LOUIS MUZONG HITLERPure and Applied Chemistry 1115+8615001075832 View
11Prof. LOUISA ETEBOM UWATTArts Education 2348037028788 View
12Dr. LOVE JOSEPH ASORContinuing Education/Developmental Studies +2348038025375 View
13Mrs. LOVELY BASSEY ESSUAccounting 09096405376 View
14Prof. LUCAS OLUSEGUN OGUNJIMIHuman Kinetics and Health Education +2348037134064 View
15Mrs. LUCY AKOMAYE ASUAccounting 08021029950 View
16Prof. LUCY AMBEKEH UDIDAEducational Administration and Planning 2348033320780 View
17Prof. LYDIA ABIA-BASSEY Medical Laboratory Science 2348033707301 View
18Mrs. LYNDA-UTA EDET OKONInstitute of Oceanography 23408069325088 View