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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: J

1Prof. JAMES EPOKE Medical Laboratory Science 54024208035069135 View
2Prof. JIMMY PAUL UDOInstitute of Oceanography 08033936396 View
3Mr. JOB AGBA OPUEEconomics 2347062522700 View
4Dr. JOE Agric. Extension & Rural Sociology +23409036894219 View
5Dr. JOEL EFIONG Geography and Environmental Science 2348032738080 View
6Rev. JOEL EFIONG Geography and Environmental Science 2348032738080 View
7Prof. JOHN ATEWHOBLE UNDIEEducational Administration and Planning +2348161780392 View
8Mr. JOHN INYANG EGBEJurisprudence and International Law 23408027691056 View
9Ms. JOHN OKONReligious and Cultural Studies +2348030946701 View
10Mr. JOHN,FIDELIS INAKU Private and Property Law 23408034923405 View
11Dr. JONATHAN OKEKE CHIMAKONAMPhilosophy 23408066003714 View
12Dr. JOSEPH ENYIA EKPANGMass Communication +2348093054487 View
13Mr. JOSEPH ODEY OGABORHuman Kinetics and Health Education +23407030349922 View
14Dr. JOSEPH KAYEFOR EBIGWAIBotany +23408064173245 View
15Prof. JOSEPH ASORZoology and Environmental Biology +2348037236472 View
16Dr. JOSEPH KINUABEYE UKWAYIPublic Administration 23408037279540 View
17Dr. JOSEPH KINUABEYE UKWAYISociology 2348037279540 View
18Dr. JOSEPH NKANG OGARPhilosophy +23408057223305 View
19Dr. JOSEPH UDO IDUNGGenetics and Biotechnology +2348036198076 View
20Dr. JOSEPH CHIDI EBEGBULEMPolitical Science 2348033470606 View
21Prof. JOSEPHINE ONUDINIRU AKPOTUZORMedical Laboratory Science +2348037134757 View
22Dr. JOY EKO ATUGeography and Environmental Science +23408037361806 View
23Mrs. JOYCE EZEKIEL ETURAMedical Laboratory Science 23408050971611 View
24Mrs. JULIANA IGIRI ANOZENGAgricultural Economics +2348037081534 View
25Dr. JULIE C. OGBULIEZIEPhysics +23407060721371 View
26Dr. JULIET NKANE EKPANGEnglish & Literary Studies +23407038557627 View
27Mrs. JULIET IHEANACHO NNEDINMAMicrobiology +23458182778763 View
28Mrs. JUSTINA FRAMPTON AKPANIKAEducational Foundation 08059025047 View
29Dr. JUSTINA NWANDIMMA NWANGWAPhysiology 23408037088459 View