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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: J

1Prof. JACOB JACKSON UDOPaediatrics +2348034019721 View
2Prof. JAMES EPOKE Medical Laboratory Science 08035069135 View
3Prof. JAMES OKORO Political Science 23408056580087 View
4Mr. JAMES OBRIKU OTIWABusiness Management +2348032771642 View
5Dr. JAMES ETIM ARCHIBONGJurisprudence and International Law +23408033834038 View
6Ms. JANADA AMOS Accounting +2348100198902 View
7Dr. JANNET SUNDAY PETTERSGuidance and Counselling 2340803528079 View
8Prof. JIMMY PAUL UDOInstitute of Oceanography 08033936396 View
9Dr. JIMMY BISONG OGBIDIMarketing 0803671092 View
10Mr. JOB AGBA OPUEEconomics 2347062522700 View
11Dr. JOEL EFIONG Geography and Environmental Science 2348032738080 View
12Rev. JOEL EFIONG Geography and Environmental Science 2348032738080 View
13Prof. JOHN ATEWHOBLE UNDIEEducational Administration and Planning +2348161780392 View
14Mr. JOHN INYANG EGBEJurisprudence and International Law 23408027691056 View
15Ms. JOHN OKONReligious and Cultural Studies +2348030946701 View
16Dr. JOHN ANYABE ADAMSPolitical Science 23408066224931 View
17Mr. JOHN JOHN IMEBanking and Finance 081055723117 View
18Prof. JOHN EFIONG ETUKMarketing 08037091642 View
19Dr. JOHN NSOR OKONGOBusiness Management 2340108038179681 View
20Dr. JOHN OKOKOH SHIYAMCrop Science 08035529894 View
21Mr. JOHN EDWARD MGBANGBiochemistry 23408068923437 View
22Dr. JOHN OFEM INYANGPhilosophy 08039575856 View
23Mr. JOHN IMOKE ETENGCurriculum and Teaching +2347033923536 View
24Mr. JOHN,FIDELIS INAKU Private and Property Law 23408034923405 View
25Dr. JONAS EGBUDU AKUNGEnglish & Literary Studies +23408037063754 View
26Dr. JONATHAN OKEKE CHIMAKONAMPhilosophy 23408066003714 View
27Mr. JONATHAN NNABUCHI EZEORAHMathematics +23408033553665 View
28Dr. JOSEPH ENYIA EKPANGMass Communication +2348093054487 View
29Mr. JOSEPH ODEY OGABORHuman Kinetics and Health Education +23407030349922 View
30Dr. JOSEPH KAYEFOR EBIGWAIBotany +23408064173245 View
31Prof. JOSEPH ASORZoology and Environmental Biology +2348037236472 View
32Dr. JOSEPH KINUABEYE UKWAYIPublic Administration 23408037279540 View
33Dr. JOSEPH KINUABEYE UKWAYISociology 2348037279540 View
34Dr. JOSEPH OGBINYI JRPolitical Science 2348036081749 View
35Dr. JOSEPH NKANG OGARPhilosophy 08057223305 View
36Dr. JOSEPH UDO IDUNGGenetics and Biotechnology +2348036198076 View
37Dr. JOSEPH CHIDI EBEGBULEMPolitical Science 2348033470606 View
38Mr. JOSEPH FELIX EKPENYONGZoology and Environmental Biology +234 View
39Dr. JOSEPH OKUTA AJORHistory and International Studies +23408033907272 View
40Mr. JOSEPH ENYAM NKIRIAccounting +2349078242361 View
41Prof. JOSEPH OFFIONG UDOAYANGAccounting 08034194911 View
42Mr. JOSEPH AMAECHI ANYADIGHIBEMarketing 08063606299 View
43Dr. JOSEPH EFFIONG ARCHIBONGInternal Medicine +2348023414995 View
44Prof. JOSEPHINE ONUDINIRU AKPOTUZORMedical Laboratory Science +2348037134757 View
45Prof. JOSHUA MONDAY TOMMYEducational Foundation 23408037183902 View
46Mrs. JOSHUA UDEMEOBONG MONDAYAccounting 08158488204 View
47Mr. JOSHUA LANE KAJANGMarketing 08037128648 View
48Dr. JOSIAH NWABUEZE Geography and Environmental Science 2348035052430 View
49Dr. JOSIAH ASIME LENNOXMicrobiology 2348037064893 View
50Dr. JOSIAH NWABUEZE OBIEFUNAGeography and Environmental Science 23408035052430 View
51Dr. JOY EKO ATUGeography and Environmental Science +23408037361806 View
52Mrs. JOY WILLIAM ATSAGeography and Environmental Science 2348035263264 View
53Mrs. JOY SAMUEL AKPANMarketing 08037966026 View
54Mrs. JOY ABOLI EJEJESociology 23408066981056 View
55Dr. JOY NWAOBIARA NJOKUEducational Foundation +23408035473928 View
56Mrs. JOYCE EZEKIEL ETURAMedical Laboratory Science 23408050971611 View
57Dr. JOYCE FIDELIS AKPANSoil Science +2348037657330 View
58Dr. JUDITH ETENG OTUSociology 23408023326587 View
59Mrs. JULIANA IGIRI ANOZENGAgricultural Economics +2348037081534 View
60Dr. JULIE C. OGBULIEZIEPhysics +23407060721371 View
61Dr. JULIET NKANE EKPANGEnglish & Literary Studies +23407038557627 View
62Mrs. JULIET IHEANACHO NNEDINMAMicrobiology +23458182778763 View
63Mrs. JULIET OLUWATOMINIYI ONIBotany +2348039103187 View
64Rev. JULIUS A. ADABusiness Management +2348037544420 View
65Dr. JULIUS EMORO MOGABAMarketing +2348037134066 View
66Mrs. JUSTINA FRAMPTON AKPANIKAEducational Foundation 08059025047 View
67Dr. JUSTINA NWANDIMMA NWANGWAPhysiology 23408037088459 View
68Mr. JUSTINE AKPANKE Microbiology +2348037305641 View