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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: I

1Mr. IBA JOSEPH AONDOWASEPublic Administration 2348062852275 View
2Dr. IBI ESOR EGBEBanking and Finance 2340108035 View
3Mr. IBRAHIM MALLAM FALIAccounting +2348035666044 View
4Mr. IDAGA EVARISTUS IGELLEGeography and Environmental Science 30903655268409030662 View
5Mr. IDAKA SUNDAY EBGEAccounting 07067053130 View
6Dr. IDAKA, IDAKA EGBEEducational Foundation 23408037338985 View
7Dr. IDANG NEJI OJONGNursing Science +2348059807891 View
8Dr. IDOM T. INYABRIEnglish & Literary Studies +2348063603045 View
9Prof. IDONGESIT AKPABIO Nursing Science +2348034058026 View
10Ms. IDORENYIN UDO ETUKBusiness Management 070347441959 View
11Dr. IFEYINWA MARYANN OKAFORMedical Laboratory Science 08080680620 View
12Dr. IGNATIUS AHMED ATSUBanking and Finance 2340108033844232 View
13Mr. IJE UBANA Business Management 08037676715 View
14Mrs. IJI MARY ERUPublic Administration 2348034530893 View
15Prof. IKAMA EDET UWAHPure and Applied Chemistry +2348037362413 View
16Mr. IKECHUKWU JONATHAN OPARAPublic Administration 23408063970584 View
17Mr. IKEJI CHIBUEZE CHRISTIANPublic Administration 2348035518807 View
18Ms. IKEORJI CHIKA RITASocial Work +2348036746798 View
19Ms. IKEORJI, CHIKA RITASocial Work +2348036746798 View
20Prof. IKPEME BASSEY BALLANTYNESocial Work 2348034048789 View
21Dr. IKPI, MAGDALENE EDETPure and Applied Chemistry 08062893734 View
22Dr. IMA-ABASI EFFIONG BASSEYOral Pathology/Medicine/Diagnosis 540241+2348037135655 View
23Prof. IMA-OBONG A. EKANEMPathology +2348037183961 View
24Prof. IMAOBONG SATURDAY ETUKPaediatrics +2347064633409 View
25Mr. IMEOBONG JOSEPH Medical Laboratory Science +234+2348069054693 View
26Prof. IMEYEN AKPAN NOAHModen Languages and Translation Studies +23408037135787 View
27Prof. IMO A. EKPOGenetics and Biotechnology 2348020613954 View
28Prof. IMO JACKSON EKPOHGeography and Environmental Science 2348036687667 View
29Mr. INAH EMMANUEL MKPEPublic Administration 2347038114063 View
30Dr. INNOCENT ASUQUO Agricultural Economics 8039734713 View
31Dr. INYANG OKON OYO-ITAPure and Applied Chemistry +2347069448090 View
32Mrs. INYANG ETHEL OHANYAAccounting 2340108066013058 View
33Mrs. INYANG JULIET JOHNMarketing 08062509091 View
34Mrs. IQUO BASSEY OTU-BASSEY +23408056021969 View
35Ms. IQUO ESSIEN OFFIONGGenetics and Biotechnology 08067880200 View
36Dr. IQUO BASSEY OTU-BASSEYMedical Laboratory Science +2348056021969 View
37Prof. IROHA MATTHIAS KALUScience Education +23408037182834 View
38Mr. IRONBAR ARCHIBONG EDEMPublic Administration 2348037257721 View
39Dr. ISAAC OKEME Vocational Education +2348033452801 View
40Prof. ISRAEL N. EMECommercial and Industrial Law 08037240370 View
41Prof. ITA BENEDICT ISEROMPure and Applied Chemistry +23408063608005 View
42Dr. ITA BASSEY OKOKONFamily Medicine +2348033458695 View
43Mr. ITAM KINGSLEY OKOIAgricultural Economics +2348138987457 View
44Dr. ITANG EDE EGBUNGEnglish & Literary Studies 08032940122 View
45Mr. ITOJONG ANTHONY AYAMBAPublic Administration 23408064028050 View
46Prof. IWARA ENO IWARAPolitical Science +23408023361274 View
47Dr. IWASAM ELEMU AGBORCommunity Medicine +2348030983599 View
48Mrs. IWUANYANWU IHEOMA ONYEKACHIGeography and Environmental Science 2348039454497 View
49Ms. IWUBE PAMELA M.Chemical and Petroleum Engineering +23408053396921 View
50Dr. IYA EZE BASSEYMedical Laboratory Science +23408035472034 View
51Dr. IYELI IBE IYELIEconomics +2348036558316 View
52Dr. IYORZA ORJIGHJIGH STANISLAUSMass Communication +2347064903578 View