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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: G

1Dr. GLORIA MAYEN UMUKOROModen Languages and Translation Studies 2348037227162 View
2Dr. GLORIA EME WORUGJIEnglish & Literary Studies +23408035085285 View
3Prof. GODFREY AKPAN IWOCrop Science 2348032118218 View
4Mrs. GODWIN AMU OTOGOBiological Oceanography +2348056320901 View
5Mr. GODWIN AKOMAYE AZAUKAGeology +2348053237733 View
6Mrs. GRACE DANISH UDOAccounting 08032375157 View
7Ms. GRACE IHEJIAMAIZU Social Work +2348036241262 View
8Dr. GREG EKPUNG EDAMEEconomics +2348038972991 View