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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: G

1Prof. GABRIEL CHUKWUEMEKA EJEZIEMedical Laboratory Science +23408059021575 View
2Mr. GARIETH O. OMOROBIEducational Administration and Planning 2347060624691 View
3Dr. GEORGE ATELHE ATELHEPolitical Science 2348034584050 View
4Dr. GLORIA MAYEN UMUKOROModen Languages and Translation Studies 2348037227162 View
5Dr. GLORIA EME WORUGJIEnglish & Literary Studies +23408035085285 View
6Mrs. GLORY ETENG BASSEYSocial Work +23408034104881 View
7Mr. GLORY EKOMOBONG ROBERTPublic Law 23408065075786 View
8Prof. GODFREY AKPAN IWOCrop Science 2348032118218 View
9Prof. GODFREY OKECHUKWU OZUMBAPhilosophy +23408056658996 View
10Mrs. GODWIN AMU OTOGOBiological Oceanography +2348056320901 View
11Mr. GODWIN AKOMAYE AZAUKAGeology +2348053237733 View
12Dr. GODWIN ADAKOLE UJAHPhysiology 23408035634956 View
13Mrs. GRACE DANISH UDOAccounting 08032375157 View
14Ms. GRACE IHEJIAMAIZU Social Work +2348036241262 View
15Mrs. GRACE SUNSHINE DAVIDCrop Science +2348066292593 View
16Dr. GRACE AKANIMO ESSIETPharmacology 23408037625433 View
17Dr. GRACE E. INIAMAPure and Applied Chemistry +23408064011754 View
18Dr. GREG EKPUNG EDAMEEconomics +2348038972991 View