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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: F

1Mrs. FAITH PATRICK-INEZI Pure and Applied Chemistry 2347068043990 View
2Mrs. FAITH PATRICK-INEZI SUTUPure and Applied Chemistry +23407068043990 View
3Dr. FAVOUR NYOH BESHELPhysiology 23408063540013 View
4Dr. FELICIA EKWOK LUKPATANursing Science +2348051035857 View
5Dr. FELIX EJA OJONGSociology +2348034717696 View
6Dr. FELIX JOHN EZEMarketing 234033949669 View
7Prof. FELIX ONEN ETENGPublic Administration 23408136292171 View
8Dr. FELIX EJA OJONGSociology 23408034717696 View
9Dr. FELIX UKPAI OGBANComputer Science +23408030737711 View
10Dr. FESTUS NKPOYEN Sociology 08037388390 View
11Dr. FESTUS O. AROPEducational Administration and Planning 2347038749940 View
12Mr. FIDELI NGAJI AKWAJISociology 23408068776894 View
13Mr. FIDELIS ADUMA WONAHAccounting 080359095381 View
14Dr. FIDELIS EDOM OBOAccounting +23408033361290 View
15Dr. FIDELIS EDOM OBOEducational Foundation +23408033361290 View
16Dr. FIDELIS ANAKE ATSEYEBanking and Finance 08037903486 View
17Mr. FIDELIS ISOMKWO ABOHSociology 23408097209632 View
18Dr. FINA OTOSI FAITHPRAISEComputer Engineering +2349097459033 View
19Dr. FRANCES FELIX EDETReligious and Cultural Studies +23407034920110 View
20Prof. FRANCIS UNIMNA ANGREYModen Languages and Translation Studies +2348032656775 View
21Dr. FRANCIS FELIX EDETReligious and Cultural Studies 07034920110 View
22Dr. FRANCIS MADUWUBA NWOSUBiological Oceanography +23408038355564 View
23Prof. FRANCIS EMILE ASUQUOPhysical Oceanography +23408063608143 View
24Prof. FRANCIS VINCENT UDOHPharmacology 23408037933923 View
25Dr. FRANCIS ANIEZI NWAGWUCrop Science 8139026307 View
26Dr. FRANCIS ABANG BULLEMAgricultural Economics +2348039370596 View
27Prof. FRANCIS BASSEY OKOKONAgricultural Engineering 2348052736135 View
28Mr. FRANCIS ABUL UYANGSociology 23407039380019 View
29Dr. FRANCISCA BASSEY Pure and Applied Chemistry 08036567632 View
30Dr. FRANCISCA NONYELUM ODIGWEEducational Administration and Planning +2348037270463 View
31Dr. FRANK NDOMA ENORHistory and International Studies +23408030604965 View
32Mr. FREDERICK OFFIONG BASSEYMarketing 08037797789 View
33Dr. FRIDAY OGAR IDIKUAgric. Extension & Rural Sociology 23408028600015 View
34Prof. FRIDAY EFFIONG UBOHBiochemistry 23408037094449 View
35Mr. FRIDAY BASSEY AGALAEconomics 2349035201174 View
36Dr. FRIDAY STEPHEN EBONGEconomics 23408036747527 View
37Prof. FRIDAY AKWAGIOBE ODEYPaediatrics +2348037135417 View