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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: F

1Mrs. FAITH PATRICK-INEZI Pure and Applied Chemistry 2347068043990 View
2Mrs. FAITH PATRICK-INEZI SUTUPure and Applied Chemistry +23407068043990 View
3Dr. FAVOUR NYOH BESHELPhysiology 23408063540013 View
4Dr. FELICIA EKWOK LUKPATANursing Science +2348051035857 View
5Dr. FELIX EJA OJONGSociology +2348034717696 View
6Dr. FESTUS NKPOYEN Sociology +2348037388390 View
7Mr. FIDELIS ADUMA WONAHAccounting 080359095381 View
8Dr. FIDELIS EDOM OBOAccounting +23408033361290 View
9Dr. FIDELIS EDOM OBOEducational Foundation +23408033361290 View
10Dr. FINA OTOSI FAITHPRAISEPhysics +2349097459033 View
11Dr. FRANCES FELIX EDETReligious and Cultural Studies +23407034920110 View
12Prof. FRANCIS UNIMNA ANGREYModen Languages and Translation Studies +2348032656775 View
13Dr. FRANCIS FELIX EDETReligious and Cultural Studies 07034920110 View
14Dr. FRANCIS MADUWUBA NWOSUBiological Oceanography +23408038355564 View
15Prof. FRANCIS EMILE ASUQUOPhysical Oceanography +23408063608143 View
16Prof. FRANCIS VINCENT UDOHPharmacology 23408037933923 View
17Dr. FRANCIS ANIEZI NWAGWUCrop Science +2348033912883 View
18Dr. FRIDAY OGAR IDIKUAgric. Extension & Rural Sociology 23408028600015 View
19Prof. FRIDAY EFFIONG UBOHBiochemistry 23408037094449 View