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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: E

1Mrs. EASTER CHUKWUDI OSUCHUKWUNursing Science +23407066872167 View
2Mr. EDEMA ENOGIOMWAN IMALELEZoology and Environmental Biology +2347031263278 View
3Dr. EDET ASUQUO AMAHGeology +2347067910984 View
4Mrs. EDIENE VICTORIA FRANCISSoil Science +2348093033114 View
5Dr. EGBE EBAGU TANGBANSocial Work +2348032708999 View
6Dr. EKEMINI EDET OBOKCrop Science 2348133304788 View
7Dr. EKERE ENE UKWANGGeology +2348067233389 View
8Dr. EKPENYONG NYONG AKPANIKAReligious and Cultural Studies +2340803335213408022 View
9Mr. EKPENYONG TETE EKPEEnglish & Literary Studies +2348030421972 View
10Dr. EKPEREONNE BABATUNDE ESUPublic Health 2347065810085 View
11Dr. EKWOK, INNOCENT CHIGBEGeography and Environmental Science +23408054962746 View
12Prof. EKWUORE MONDAY USHIESociology 2348036552360 View
13Dr. EKWUTOSI ESSIEN OFFIONGHistory and International Studies 2348037041984 View
14Mrs. ELEKE ENYA EGARAccounting 08037135780 View
15Dr. ELEMI ANI Physiology +2348033363485 View
16Mrs. ELIZABETH ALFRED INEMEducational Foundation 08063184396 View
17Prof. EME EFIOM OSIMPhysiology 54008035524412 View
18Dr. EMEKA CHARLES EKEKEReligious and Cultural Studies 54000408037930856 View
19Dr. EMILIA,JAMES,OYIRA Nursing Science +234080936683932 View
20Mr. EMMANUEL ASU BISONGPure and Applied Chemistry +2347062459743 View
21Dr. EMMANUEL EKPENYONG-DUKE OKONPure and Applied Chemistry +23409029008874 View
22Dr. EMMANUEL EKPENYONG-DUKE OKONPure and Applied Chemistry +2349029008874 View
23Dr. EMMANUEL OROK DUKEReligious and Cultural Studies 0000002348090967832 View
24Dr. EMMANUEL ONYEKACHUKWU IBENEMEMedical Laboratory Science +2348033725219 View
25Mr. EMMANUEL ESHIOTSE Sociology +23408035355997 View
26Dr. EMMANUEL MONJOK MONJOKCommunity Medicine 23408144069541 View
27Dr. EMMANUEL WILLIAMS UDOHReligious and Cultural Studies 54000408034038013 View
28Mr. EMMANUEL OKON ESIEN-UMORadiography +23408023832233 View
29Prof. EMMANUEL EYO EKANEMPaediatrics +23408022907609 View
30Dr. EMMANUEL EFFIONG EDETAccounting +2348035835055 View
31Dr. EMMANUEL EFFIONG EDETBiochemistry +2348035835055 View
32Mr. EMMANUEL OFFIONG EFFANGAZoology and Environmental Biology 23408093074932 View
33Mr. ENAH ASINYA ASINYAGeology +2347031126556 View
34Dr. ENANG BASSEY UDAHEconomics +23408037134672 View
35Dr. ENANG BASSEY UDAHEconomics +2348037134672 View
36Dr. ENEMBE OKU OKOKONAccounting 54025309099100620 View
37Mr. ENOSAKHARE AIYUDUBIE ASEMOTAMedical Laboratory Science 12008037935327 View
38Dr. EPHRAIM AHAMEFULA IKEGBUPhilosophy +2348036718817 View
39Prof. ERIM PATIENCE OKWUCHI +2348034037846 View
40Dr. ERNEST AFU OCHANGMedical Microbiology/Parasitology 542024208181073003 View
41Mr. ERU MBA ERUAnatomy 2347065560843 View
42Dr. ESCOR EFIONG UDOSENLinguistics and Communication Studies +23408037899614 View
43Prof. ETIE BEN AKPANGeology +2348023313063 View
44Dr. ETIM JOHNSON UMANABotany +23408037088440 View
45Dr. EUPHORIA CHIMUANYA AKWIWUMedical Laboratory Science 2348036777296 View
46Dr. EYAM SUNDAY EYAMChemical Pathology +23408035523407 View
47Engr. EYO OKON UKEMElectrical and Electronic Engineering +2348063382514 View