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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: E

1Mrs. EASTER CHUKWUDI OSUCHUKWUNursing Science +23407066872167 View
2Mr. EBAN LINUS KECHIPharmacology 2347062153385 View
3Prof. EBIAMADON ANDI BRISIBEGenetics and Biotechnology 08060259870 View
4Mr. EBU,ALEX ABANG Private and Property Law 23408034752899 View
5Prof. EDAK ANIEDI UYOHGenetics and Biotechnology +2348037929022 View
6Dr. EDEDET AKPAN ENOPure and Applied Chemistry +23408035567148 View
7Prof. EDEM E. WILLIAMSComputer Science +23408035470457 View
8Mr. EDEMA ENOGIOMWAN IMALELEZoology and Environmental Biology +2347031263278 View
9Dr. EDEMA ALFRED J.Business Management +2348064919862 View
10Dr. EDET ASUQUO AMAHGeology +2347067910984 View
11Mrs. EDIENE VICTORIA FRANCISSoil Science +2348093033114 View
12Engr. EDWARD INGIO ADAHCivil and Environmental Engineering 55403+23407037483302 View
13Mr. EFEFIONG ASUQUO EDETPolitical Science 2347060723626 View
14Prof. EFFIOM EDEM ANTIAPhysical Oceanography +23408037064846 View
15Mr. EFFIOM EFFANGHA HENSHAWMicrobiology +2347084420910 View
16Dr. EGBE EBAGU TANGBANSocial Work +2348032708999 View
17Mrs. EJA LEGBEL ESEGESocial Work +2347034489645 View
18Mr. EKARIKA, WISDOM AMOSPublic Administration 2348033596405 View
19Dr. EKEI VICTOR IKPEMEGenetics and Biotechnology +2348037245930 View
20Dr. EKEMINI EDET OBOKCrop Science 2348133304788 View
21Dr. EKERE ENE UKWANGGeology +2348067233389 View
22Dr. EKPENYONG NYONG AKPANIKAReligious and Cultural Studies +2340803335213408022 View
23Mr. EKPENYONG TETE EKPEEnglish & Literary Studies +2348030421972 View
24Mr. EKPENYONG OBO EKPENYONGReligious and Cultural Studies +23408134515981 View
25Dr. EKPEREONNE BABATUNDE ESUPublic Health 2347065810085 View
26Dr. EKPEREONNE BABATUNDE ESUPublic Health +2347065810085 View
27Prof. EKPO EYO ANTAIBiological Oceanography +23408037454788 View
28Mr. EKPO EFFIOM EYOPublic Administration 2348037237018 View
29Prof. EKPO OKON DOUGLASPure and Applied Chemistry +23408035518425 View
30Mr. EKPOUDO ANTHONY ALPHONSUSCommercial and Industrial Law 23408037309408 View
31Dr. EKWOK, INNOCENT CHIGBEGeography and Environmental Science +23408054962746 View
32Prof. EKWUORE MONDAY USHIESociology 2348036552360 View
33Dr. EKWUTOSI ESSIEN OFFIONGHistory and International Studies 2348037041984 View
34Mrs. ELEKE ENYA EGARAccounting 08037135780 View
35Dr. ELEMI ANI Physiology +2348033363485 View
36Mrs. ELIZABETH ALFRED INEMEducational Foundation 08063184396 View
37Prof. EME EFIOM OSIMPhysiology 54008035524412 View
38Dr. EMEKA CHARLES EKEKEReligious and Cultural Studies 54000408037930856 View
39Dr. EMILIA,JAMES,OYIRA Nursing Science +234080936683932 View
40Mr. EMMANUEL ASU BISONGPure and Applied Chemistry +2347062459743 View
41Dr. EMMANUEL EKPENYONG-DUKE OKONPure and Applied Chemistry +23409029008874 View
42Dr. EMMANUEL EKPENYONG-DUKE OKONPure and Applied Chemistry +2349029008874 View
43Dr. EMMANUEL OROK DUKEReligious and Cultural Studies 0000002348090967832 View
44Dr. EMMANUEL ONYEKACHUKWU IBENEMEMedical Laboratory Science +2348033725219 View
45Mr. EMMANUEL ESHIOTSE Sociology +23408035355997 View
46Dr. EMMANUEL MONJOK MONJOKCommunity Medicine 23408144069541 View
47Dr. EMMANUEL WILLIAMS UDOHReligious and Cultural Studies 54000408034038013 View
48Mr. EMMANUEL OKON ESIEN-UMORadiography +23408023832233 View
49Prof. EMMANUEL EYO EKANEMPaediatrics +23408022907609 View
50Dr. EMMANUEL EFFIONG EDETAccounting +2348035835055 View
51Dr. EMMANUEL EFFIONG EDETBiochemistry +2348035835055 View
52Mr. EMMANUEL OFFIONG EFFANGAZoology and Environmental Biology 23408093074932 View
53Fr. EMMANUEL KELECHI IWUAGWUPhilosophy 08037254836 View
54Dr. EMMANUEL WILLIAMS UDOHReligious and Cultural Studies +23408034038013 View
55Mr. EMMANUEL ETIM OKONGeology +23408030841340 View
56Mr. EMMANUEL SUNDAY Political Science 23407080122122 View
57Mr. ENAH ASINYA ASINYAGeology +2347031126556 View
58Dr. ENANG BASSEY UDAHEconomics +23408037134672 View
59Dr. ENANG BASSEY UDAHEconomics +2348037134672 View
60Prof. ENANG EBINGHA ERENASociology +2348037162984 View
61Dr. ENE EMMANUEL AKISoil Science +2348067280549 View
62Mrs. ENE OGAR EGBULAEducational Administration and Planning 2348067263657 View
63Dr. ENE ASUQUO BASSEYChemical Pathology +23407034277982 View
64Dr. ENEMBE OKU OKOKONAccounting 54025309099100620 View
65Prof. ENEOBONG EFIOM ENEOBONGGenetics and Biotechnology +2348063920168 View
66Prof. ENO GRACE NTAEnglish & Literary Studies +2348034517204 View
67Mr. ENOSAKHARE AIYUDUBIE ASEMOTAMedical Laboratory Science 12008037935327 View
68Dr. ENYI-IDOH K. H.Microbiology +2348035200751 View
69Dr. ENYIMBA MADUKA Philosophy 08063966031 View
70Dr. EPHRAIM AHAMEFULA IKEGBUPhilosophy +2348036718817 View
71Prof. ERIM PATIENCE OKWUCHI +2348034037846 View
72Dr. ERNEST AFU OCHANGMedical Microbiology/Parasitology 542024208181073003 View
73Dr. ERNEST ATELHE AMAMAPhysiology 23408065310938 View
74Mrs. ERNEST BASSEY ETTAMicrobiology +2348038815464 View
75Mr. ERU MBA ERUAnatomy 2347065560843 View
76Dr. ESCOR EFIONG UDOSENLinguistics and Communication Studies +23408037899614 View
77Prof. ESEKONG HUTTON ANDREW-ESSIENTheatre and Media Studies 08033807741 View
78Dr. ESIEN COBHAM UZOHSocial Work +2348167062010 View
79Dr. ESIEN DAVID-OKU Biochemistry +2348056937775 View
80Dr. ESTHER PATRICK ARCHIBONGSocial Work 2348037088911 View
81Dr. ESTHER PATRICK ARCHIBONGSocial Work +2348037088911 View
82Mrs. ESTHER MICHEAL ODENGenetics and Biotechnology +2348052014337 View
83Prof. ESU AKON E.Curriculum and Teaching 2348035517018 View
84Mr. ETENG SUNDAY UROMMari Culture and Marine Fisheries Resources +23408037236021 View
85Mr. ETENG EDET ENANGPublic Administration 2348171381931 View
86Prof. ETIE BEN AKPANGeology +2348023313063 View
87Prof. ETIE BEN AKPANGeology +23408023313063 View
88Dr. ETIM JOHNSON UMANABotany +23408037088440 View
89Dr. ETIM CAROLINE ASUQUOMusic +23407064544944 View
90Prof. ETIM INYANG EKANEMObstetrics and Gynaecology 08063921756 View
91Mr. ETIM EMMANUEL Geology +23408030841340 View
92Mr. ETTAH AKPANG IVONScience and Lab. Technology +2348032690736 View
93Dr. EUCHARIA AJAH AGOMAgricultural Economics +2348054654883 View
94Dr. EUPHORIA C. AKWIWUMedical Laboratory Science +2348036777296 View
95Dr. EUPHORIA CHIMUANYA AKWIWUMedical Laboratory Science 2348036777296 View
96Dr. EYAM SUNDAY EYAMChemical Pathology +23408035523407 View
97Mr. EYIME ECHENG EYIMEScience and Lab. Technology +2348034328753 View
98Engr. EYO OKON UKEMElectrical and Electronic Engineering +2348063382514 View