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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: C

1Dr. CAROLINE ABOH LINUSAgric. Extension & Rural Sociology 8034541911 View
2Mrs. CECILIA UNDIE ANGREYLibrary and Information Science +2348083594418 View
3Prof. CECILIA OLUNWA EKWUEMEScience Education 2348037241049 View
4Dr. CECILLIA AKPANA BESHELContinuing Education/Developmental Studies 2340803528079 View
5Dr. CELESTINE AKIFEYE UDIEPhysics +23480 View
6Mr. CHARITY ASUQUO HANSONReligious and Cultural Studies 2348037370117 View
7Mr. CHARLES EFEFIOM EFFIONGEconomics +23408034437978 View
8Dr. CHARLES EZECHUKWU ANYANECHIOral and Maxillofacial Surgery +2348000257825 View
9Prof. CHARLES PATRICK AKPANEducational Administration and Planning 2348052269098 View
10Dr. CHARLES ASUQUO EFFIONGTheatre and Media Studies +23408026095811 View
11Dr. CHARLES OBINNA NJOKUObstetrics and Gynaecology +2348033424267 View
12Dr. CHARLES EFFIONG Business Management +2348034060693 View
13Prof. CHARLES CYPRAIN MFEMPhysiology 23408038272998 View
14Mr. CHARLES EFEFIOM EFFIONGEconomics 2348034437978 View
15Prof. CHIBUEKE HAGGAI NJOKUInternal Medicine +2348035423710 View
16Mrs. CHIBUZO CHRISTIANA UNWANEDESocial Work 2348037624416 View
17Mrs. CHIBUZU CHRISTIANA UNWANEDESocial Work +2348037624416 View
18Dr. CHIDI OKAFOR Psychiatry +2348038815415 View
19Prof. CHIKA CHRISTIANA UCHENDUEducational Administration and Planning +2348037360158 View
20Prof. CHIKE AUGUSTINE EKEOPARAReligious and Cultural Studies +2347067825268 View
21Dr. CHIMAOBI OKORIE Social Work +2348035052513 View
22Dr. CHIMAOBI OKORIE Social Work 23408035052513 View
23Mr. CHIMEZIE N. EMEKAGeology 2347062165088 View
24Dr. CHINASA UTTAH Geography and Environmental Science 2348065632117 View
25Prof. CHINENYE LEO OCHULORPhilosophy +23408037367066 View
26Mrs. CHINYERE OSONDU-AYANWU Science and Lab. Technology +2348033191211 View
27Dr. CHRIS OFFONG AKPANPhilosophy 54022108038902855 View
28Prof. CHRIS CHIZOR CHUKWURAHVocational Education 2348034715757 View
29Mr. CHRISTIAN EFFIONG BASSEYEconomics 2347034882592 View
30Dr. CHRISTIANA CHINYERE IHEJIAMAIZUScience Education +2348035902372 View
31Mrs. CHRISTIANA GODWIN GEKPEPhysiology 23407035334909 View
32Dr. CHRISTIE ELUM FISCHERAnatomy 23408023196746 View
33Mr. CHRISTOPHER AWA OTUEconomics +23408039431121 View
34Dr. CHRISTOPHER NASERI NASERIReligious and Cultural Studies 08130992864 View
35Mr. CHRISTOPHER ABUA OCHICHEGeography and Environmental Science +23408162841299 View
36Dr. CHRISTOPHER OBOT UDOKABanking and Finance +2348030745898 View
37Mr. CHRISTOPHER OGAMODE ODEYInstitute of Oceanography 23408138951939 View
38Prof. CHRISTOPHER BASSEY NDOMEZoology and Environmental Biology +2348034066475 View
39Prof. CHRISTOPHER ADAMS ENEJIFood Science +23408036567727 View
40Dr. CHUKWUDI CHARLES EZIKEUDUSociology 23408052018280 View
41Dr. CHUKWUEMEKA OKECHUKWU ANISIOrthopaedic +2348034317907 View
42Mr. CLAY OKO-OFFOBOCHE Political Science 2348037183909 View
43Prof. CLEMENT ABIODUN AJIBOLAHuman Kinetics and Health Education 23408023808900 View
44Mr. CLEMENT OGBECHE ABRIBAMicrobiology +23408032628003 View
45Dr. CLEMENT OGHOLO Educational Foundation 23408026934450 View
46Prof. CLEMENT IBI MBOTOScience and Lab. Technology +2348037818412 View
47Prof. CLEMENT OSHIE NKUPhysiology 23408035987472 View
48Prof. CLEMENT OSITA ODIGWEInternal Medicine +2348037049556 View
49Mr. CLEMET EFFIONG EFFIONGMicrobiology +2348037796955 View
50Dr. COMFORT R. ETOREducational Administration and Planning 2348032737161 View
51Dr. CORNELIUS M. OJONGBanking and Finance 08037076912 View
52Dr. COSTLY MANYO ERIMContinuing Education/Developmental Studies 23408073831646 View