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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: C

1Mr. CHARITY ASUQUO HANSONReligious and Cultural Studies 2348037370117 View
2Mr. CHIMEZIE N. EMEKAGeology 2347062165088 View
3Dr. CHRIS OFFONG AKPANPhilosophy 54022108038902855 View
4Dr. CHRISTIANA CHINYERE IHEJIAMAIZUCurriculum and Teaching +2348035902372 View
5Mr. CHRISTOPHER AWA OTUEconomics +23408039431121 View
6Dr. CHRISTOPHER NASERI NASERIReligious and Cultural Studies 002208130992864 View
7Mr. CHRISTOPHER ABUA OCHICHEGeography and Environmental Science +23408162841299 View
8Prof. CLEMENT ABIODUN AJIBOLAHuman Kinetics and Health Education 23408023808900 View