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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: B

1Dr. BABATUNDE ABISOYE LAWALPharmacology 23408055144211 View
2Mr. BASIL RICHARD EJABanking and Finance +2348037897970 View
3Mrs. BASSEY ASUQUO ASUQUOAccounting 08057138479 View
4Mr. BASSEY EYO ARCHIBONGRadiography +23408032771086 View
5Mr. BASSEY ENYI INAHPure and Applied Chemistry 08060548028 View
6Dr. BASSEY OKON EBIEconomics +2347038116912 View
7Dr. BASSEY EKPENYONG ANAMPublic Administration 2347067021763 View
8Mr. BASSEY ETTA AGBOMicrobiology 5402427031692771 View
9Dr. BASSEY EDEM EPHRAIMGeology 08035510115 View
10Mr. BASSEY IBOR INABanking and Finance 08037183895 View
11Mr. BASSEY INI UBIMicrobiology +2348036541672 View
12Dr. BASSEY EYO BASSEYAccounting 08037983154 View
13Dr. BASSEY B. ESUMarketing 08034740556 View
14Prof. BASSEY IGRI OKONAnimal Science +2348138825162 View
15Prof. BASSEY OKON Animal Science +2348034183263 View
16Prof. BASSEY OKON ASUQUOAnimal Science +23408039798303 View
17Prof. BASSEY ANDIAN OKONLinguistics and Communication Studies 23407085292383 View
18Mrs. BEAUTY OKON USOROHSociology +2347039320126 View
19Dr. BEN E. ODIGBOMarketing 08033223840 View
20Prof. BENEDICT ISEROM ITAPure and Applied Chemistry 08063608005 View
21Dr. BENJAMIN AYUA AMBEEnvironmental Education 2348036387794 View
22Mr. BENJAMIN IFEANYI ELEANYAJurisprudence and International Law 23407061557417 View
23Dr. BERNADINE NSA EKPENYONGPublic Health +2348033475138 View
24Dr. BERNARD DIWA OTUEducational Foundation +23407061034000 View
25Dr. BERNEDETTE UMALI CORNELIUS-UKPEPICurriculum and Teaching +2347067910047 View
26Dr. BESSONG NAPOLEON OSANGContinuing Education/Developmental Studies 23407038476566 View
27Dr. BLESSING AGBO NTAMUEducational Foundation 2348060905557 View
28Mrs. BLESSING ALFRED NGELEBotany +2348068844649 View
29Dr. BRENDA AKPAN VICTORTheatre and Media Studies +23408037183913 View
30Dr. BRIAN E. USIBEPhysics 23408067551743 View
31Dr. BROWN EGBE ISOKONSocial Work +23407062624516 View
32Dr. BROWN EGBE ISOKONSocial Work +2347062624516 View
33Mr. BROWN EGBE ISOKONSociology 23407062624516 View
34Mr. BUKIE PAUL TAWOComputer Science 2347038216502 View