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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: A

1Dr. AFANGIDEH ASUQUO ISONGGeography and Environmental Science +23408130268314 View
2Ms. AFFIONG MMODU EWARAAccounting 08062555693 View
3Dr. AGBA, A. OGABOHSociology 5412348072727272 View
4Mr. AGU, FRIDAY IKECHUKWUStatistics +2348066407063 View
5Mr. AKANINYENE ARNOLD SUNDAYHuman Kinetics and Health Education +2348153586130 View
6Mr. AKPAMA EGWU EGONGRadiography +23407038511865 View
7Dr. AKUEGWU, BASIL AZUBUIKEEducational Administration and Planning 2342348036241413 View
8Mr. AKWA EGOM Radiography +23408067852186 View
9Dr. ALBERTA DAVID NSEMONursing Science +23407031931751 View
10Mr. ANDREW HYELAVADA BITRUSPure and Applied Chemistry +2348083306367 View
11Mrs. ANGELA A. AKOMAYEAccounting 09052990286 View
12Dr. ANIEDI-ABASI AKPAN MARKSONAccounting +23408063408775 View
13Dr. ANIEDIOBONG JONAH UKPONGGeology +2347083832244 View
14Prof. ANIEKAN EDET Geology +2348036667216 View
15Mrs. ANIEKAN-AUGUSTA OKON EYO +23408037929016 View
16Prof. ANTHONIA UGWUEZONU Public Health +23408081148792 View
17Mr. ANTHONY EMERIBE Medical Laboratory Science 2348038988153 View
18Dr. ANTHONY NUONUM UGBAJAGeology +2348037088803 View
19Dr. ANTHONY ACHIZIE IWUAFORMedical Microbiology/Parasitology 2348033441539 View
20Mrs. ANTONIA INAJA, EMMANUELGuidance and Counselling +23408035694403 View
21Dr. ANTOR ODU NDEPPublic Health 54028108167395455 View
22Dr. ANTOR ODU NDEPPublic Health 54028108167395455 View
23Dr. ANTOR ODU NDEPPublic Health 23408167395455 View
24Mrs. ANWAFIONG EMMANUEL NTIAEducational Foundation 07033706196 View
25Mrs. ASA JOHN GHEVOLOREnglish & Literary Studies 23408038696994 View
26Dr. ASARI EFFANGA YOUNGCommercial and Industrial Law 2348052398658 View
27Prof. ASIM EKAHA ENOPhysiology 2348032866269 View
28Mr. ASUKWO ESSIEN ITAMGeology +2348067683005 View
29Dr. ASUQUO BASSEY ENEChemical Pathology +2347034277982 View
30Prof. ATIM BASSEY ANTAIPhysiology 2348036731746 View
31Prof. ATU AUSAJI Pure and Applied Chemistry +23408033517203 View
32Dr. AUGUSTA CHINYERE NSONWU-ANYANWUMedical Laboratory Science +2348033515095 View
33Dr. AZUBUIKE SOLOMON EKWEREGeology 0108043222004 View