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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: A

1Dr. ABANG INNOCENT Orthopaedic +23408036718805 View
2Dr. ABANG JOHN ISANGEDIGHIEducational Foundation 2340803528079 View
3Prof. ABANG JOHN ISANGEDIGHIEducational Foundation 23408036735339 View
4Prof. ABIA OFFIONG TIMOTHYHistory and International Studies +23408037134915 View
5Dr. ABO ISO NTAZoology and Environmental Biology +2348035896640 View
6Dr. ABOH JAMES AJANGHistory and International Studies +23408036823801 View
7Mr. ABONOR, LAZARUS BASSEYSocial Work 234080367057761 View
8Dr. ABOSEDE ABIMBOLA USOROBusiness Management 08063813737 View
9Prof. ABRAHAM NGUEIKYOR GYUSEFamily Medicine 23408035977106 View
10Dr. ABU SOLOMON EDETHistory and International Studies +23408035967414 View
11Dr. ABUA, MOSES ADAHGeography and Environmental Science 23408037474110 View
12Dr. ADA MARY JULIANAEducational Administration and Planning 23408063706647 View
13Dr. ADA FRANCESCA NNEOYI-EGBEBiochemistry +2348167031520 View
14Dr. ADAKU LETINA BEN-OKOYEChild Dental Health +2348034188109 View
15Dr. ADAMU CHRISTOPER IORFAGeology 08057090987 View
16Dr. ADEKANYE ABIOLA GRACEOrtorhinolaryncology +23408050543605 View
17Dr. ADEYINKA ADEDAMOLA ADEYEMOPreventive Dentistry +2348032346109 View
18Mr. ADIE ANTHONY UNIMKEGeology +23407064441086 View
19Mr. ADOGA-IKONG JOHN ADAMSPublic Law 23408035881090 View
20Mr. ADOMOKHAI SULE SIMONBusiness Management 08063845522 View
21Dr. AFANGIDEH ASUQUO ISONGGeography and Environmental Science +23408130268314 View
22Ms. AFFIONG MMODU EWARAAccounting 08062555693 View
23Dr. AFFIONG JOSEPH HENRYAnimal Science +2348037239456 View
24Dr. AFIONG OBOKO OKUCommunity Medicine 08037106385 View
25Dr. AGAM EBAJI AYUKFamily Medicine +2348032630728 View
26Dr. AGBA, A. OGABOHSociology 08072727272 View
27Dr. AGBACHOM EMMANUEL EDETAgricultural Economics +2348065904065 View
28Mr. AGBOR BASSEY ITUPublic Law 23408035819883 View
29Dr. AGBOR COMFORT NKONGHOEnvironmental Education 23408035018447 View
30Mrs. AGNES BASSEY EDEMMarketing 07035410510 View
31Dr. AGNES SYLVESTER ANTAIEconomics 23408037236629 View
32Dr. AGNES UBANA ENANGPublic Administration 23407038422214 View
33Dr. AGNES LAWRENCE OKUTEVocational Education 23408051526947 View
34Mr. AGOM EUNAM UGBESHEMathematics 08036285195 View
35Prof. AGONA ODEH OBEMBEPhysiology 2340806014909 View
36Mr. AGORYE CLETUS AGIENDEHistory and International Studies +23408067823586 View
37Mr. AGU, FRIDAY IKECHUKWUStatistics +2348066407063 View
38Mrs. AGWUNOBI ,JULIANA NWAKAEGOLibrary and Information Science 2348034762987 View
39Mr. AHAKIRI FRANCIS IDIEGEAccounting 08062645764 View
40Mr. AHMED BABA GOMBELibrary and Information Science +23408036110591 View
41Mr. AJAKE ANIM OBONGHAGeography and Environmental Science 23408036669251 View
42Mr. AKAH AUGUSTINE UGARPublic Administration 23408068597662 View
43Mr. AKAH, PIUS ENEJISocial Work +2348103560838 View
44Dr. AKAN A. BROOKSMicrobiology 2348037956762 View
45Mr. AKANINYENE ARNOLD SUNDAYHuman Kinetics and Health Education +2348153586130 View
46Dr. AKANINYENE ASUQUO OTUInternal Medicine +2348105723132 View
47Dr. AKINTUNDE OLUSIJIBOMI AKINIOMIDERadiology +2348036707487 View
48Dr. AKO HOGAN ITAMInternal Medicine +2348058283582 View
49Prof. AKODA WINIFRED EYOANWANHistory and International Studies +23408055876620 View
50Mr. AKPAMA EGOM Radiography +23407038511865 View
51Mr. AKPAN AUGUSTINE OPublic Administration 2340817457244 View
52Dr. AKPAN INIMBOM JAMESLinguistics and Communication Studies 08062429647 View
53Dr. AKPAN, STEPHEN SEBASTIANStatistics +23408033808695 View
54Dr. AKUEGWU, BASIL AZUBUIKEEducational Administration and Planning 2342348036241413 View
55Mr. AKWAJI PATRICK ISHOROBotany 08034683096 View
56Dr. ALAGH TERHILE Political Science 23407063354808 View
57Prof. ALBERT PHILIP EKANEMBiological Oceanography +23408037928430 View
58Dr. ALBERTA DAVID NSEMONursing Science +23407031931751 View
59Dr. ALEXANDER IMMAANYIKWA IKEUBAPure and Applied Chemistry +23407035052426 View
60Dr. ALEXANDER ESSIEN TIMOTHYArts Education +2347037731963 View
61Mr. ALFRED DENIS OYAMAInstitute of Education +2347030600041 View
62Dr. ALICE ETA ASIMEducational Foundation 2340803558955 View
63Prof. ALICE ETA ASIMAccounting +2348035589557 View
64Dr. ALPHONSUS KECHI KANKPANGAccounting +2347036960151 View
65Prof. ALPHONSUS MBONU OPARAEKECrop Science +2348075849134 View
66Prof. AMBROSE ANDREW ALARIBEMedical Laboratory Science +2348037077518 View
67Dr. AMENAWO IKPA OFFIONGBanking and Finance 08035824181 View
68Mrs. AMIYE RUTH NYAGUNAREHistory and International Studies +23407039201963 View
69Dr. ANASTASIA IKILISHI ISIKACommunity Medicine +2348055906483 View
70Dr. ANDEM BASSEY ANDEMZoology and Environmental Biology 2348060168081 View
71Mrs. ANDESHE WENDY ALORYEEducational Administration and Planning 2348096780756 View
72Mr. ANDREW HYELAVADA BITRUSPure and Applied Chemistry +2348083306367 View
73Mrs. ANGELA A. AKOMAYEAccounting 09052990286 View
74Prof. ANGELA OYO-ITA Community Medicine +2348037239898 View
75Dr. ANIEDI-ABASI AKPAN MARKSONBotany 08025878894 View
76Dr. ANIEDIOBONG JONAH UKPONGGeology +2347083832244 View
77Mr. ANIEFIOK UDOH AKPANAccounting 08035885738 View
78Dr. ANIEFIOK OSWALD EDETEducational Administration and Planning 2348037247488 View
79Dr. ANIEFIOK NDUBUISI OSUAGWUGenetics and Biotechnology +2348128347622 View
80Dr. ANIEFIOK NDUBUISI OSUAGWUGenetics and Biotechnology +2348128347622 View
81Dr. ANIEFON NTUEN-UDO UMANAOrtorhinolaryncology +2348034038574 View
82Prof. ANIEKAN EDET Geology 08036667216 View
83Dr. ANIEKAN JUMBO ETOKIDEMCommunity Medicine 08033420345 View
84Dr. ANIEKAN-AUGUSTA OKON EYOMedical Laboratory Science 2348037929016 View
85Mrs. ANIEMA PAUL INYANG-ETOHBiological Oceanography +23408035464997 View
86Mrs. ANN CHINYERE ENYENIHIPublic Health 2348034997945 View
87Dr. ANN A.J. MOFUNANYABotany 07037799105 View
88Prof. ANNE EBRI ASUQUOMedical Laboratory Science +2348035511032 View
89Dr. ANNE MEREMIKWU Science Education 2348037222388 View
90Ms. ANNEAGI@UNICAL.EDU.NG Private and Property Law 23408057311292 View
91Prof. ANOZENG, OYONO IGIRIAnatomy 23408034104880 View
92Dr. ANSA STELLA ASIBONGLinguistics and Communication Studies 08037175840 View
93Prof. ANTHONIA UGWUEZONU Public Health +23408081148792 View
94Dr. ANTHONIA INAJA EMMANUELGuidance and Counselling 08035694403 View
95Prof. ANTHONY E. AKPANPhysics 002348030894698 View
96Mr. ANTHONY EMERIBE Medical Laboratory Science 2348038988153 View
97Dr. ANTHONY NUONUM UGBAJAGeology +2348037088803 View
98Dr. ANTHONY ACHIZIE IWUAFORMedical Microbiology/Parasitology 2348033441539 View
99Mr. ANTHONY UCHENNA EMERIBEMedical Laboratory Science +2348038988153 View
100Dr. ANTHONY NUONUM UGBAJAGeology +23408037088803 View
101Prof. ANTHONY OGBONNA EMERIBEMedical Laboratory Science +2348033452745 View
102Prof. ANTHONY UDOSEN Orthopaedic +2348032586280 View
103Mr. ANTHONY OKON BENReligious and Cultural Studies +23408034397844 View
104Mr. ANTIGHA ANTIGHA AMBOBiological Oceanography +23407063677913 View
105Dr. ANTIGHA OKON BASSEYSociology 23408033549336 View
106Dr. ANTOR ODU NDEPPublic Health 2348167395455 View
107Mrs. ANWAFIONG EMMANUEL NTIAEducational Foundation 07033706196 View
108Mrs. APEBENDE AGLORIA CHIOMAPure and Applied Chemistry +23408062508497 View
109Dr. APEH COLUMBA Theatre and Media Studies +23408105722745 View
110Dr. ARCHIBONG NSA ARCHIBONGPhysiology 23408063074679 View
111Dr. ARIKPO, ESTHER BASSEYContinuing Education/Developmental Studies 23408166513160 View
112Mrs. ASA JOHN GHEVOLOREnglish & Literary Studies 23408038696994 View
113Dr. ASARI EFFANGA YOUNGInternational Law 2348052398658 View
114Prof. ASIM EKAHA ENOPhysiology 2348032866269 View
115Prof. ASIRA ENYA ASIRAPhilosophy +23407030323080 View
116Mr. ASUKWO ESSIEN ITAMGeology +2348067683005 View
117Dr. ASUQUO BASSEY ENEChemical Pathology +2347034277982 View
118Dr. ASUQUO AKABOM-ITA Accounting +2348066468333 View
119Dr. ATANA EWA Accounting +2348037214259 View
120Mr. ATEMGWEYE GRRGORY IKASHIGeography and Environmental Science 2348059219741 View
121Prof. ATIM BASSEY ANTAIPhysiology 2348036731746 View
122Prof. ATIM IMEH ESHIETAnaesthesiology 08064357066 View
123Prof. ATIM UDO Obstetrics and Gynaecology +23408037371630 View
124Dr. ATIM DAVID ASITOKMicrobiology +2348037302627 View
125Prof. ATU AUSAJI Pure and Applied Chemistry +23408033517203 View
126Dr. ATU JOY EKOGeography and Environmental Science +23408037361806 View
127Dr. ATUNKA PATRICK OGARPsychiatry +2347039888814 View
128Dr. AUGUSTA CHINYERE NSONWU-ANYANWUMedical Laboratory Science +2348033515095 View
129Prof. AUGUSTINE UGAR OGOGOForestry & Wildlife Res. MGT. 7039463361 View
130Mr. AUGUSTINE BETIALIKONG ABOHPolitical Science 2348034641345 View
131Mr. AUGUSTINE AGORYE UNIMKEMicrobiology +2348066526407 View
132Mr. AUGUSTINE BETIALIKONG ABOHPolitical Science +2348034641345 View
133Mr. AUGUSTINE EZE BASSEYSociology 23407030440181 View
134Mr. AUGUSTINE ELE AUGUSTINEBusiness Management 07069146713 View
135Prof. AUSTINE I. OBIEKEZIEInstitute of Oceanography +2348037110855 View
136Prof. AYI ANYAMA AYIPure and Applied Chemistry +23408035961521 View
137Prof. AYODEJI TIMOTHY OWOLABIBotany +2348034037415 View
138Mr. AYUBA DAUDA Animal Science +2347036707201 View
139Dr. AZUBUIKE SOLOMON EKWEREGeology 08034222004 View