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List of All Academic Staff in the University

1Dr. AKABOM-ITA ASUQUOAccounting +23408066468333 View
2Dr. AFANGIDEH ASUQUO ISONGGeography and Environmental Science +23408130268314 View
3Ms. AFFIONG MMODU EWARAAccounting 08062555693 View
4Dr. AGBA, A. OGABOHSociology 5412348072727272 View
5Mr. AGU, FRIDAY IKECHUKWUStatistics +2348066407063 View
6Mr. AKANINYENE ARNOLD SUNDAYHuman Kinetics and Health Education +2348153586130 View
7Mr. AKPAMA EGWU EGONGRadiography +23407038511865 View
8Dr. AKUEGWU, BASIL AZUBUIKEEducational Administration and Planning 2342348036241413 View
9Mr. AKWA EGOM Radiography +23408067852186 View
10Dr. ALBERTA DAVID NSEMONursing Science +23407031931751 View
11Mr. ANDREW HYELAVADA BITRUSPure and Applied Chemistry +2348083306367 View
12Mrs. ANGELA A. AKOMAYEAccounting 09052990286 View
13Dr. ANIEDI-ABASI AKPAN MARKSONAccounting +23408063408775 View
14Dr. ANIEDIOBONG JONAH UKPONGGeology +2347083832244 View
15Prof. ANIEKAN EDET Geology +2348036667216 View
16Mrs. ANIEKAN-AUGUSTA OKON EYO +23408037929016 View
17Prof. ANNE EBRI ASUQUOMedical Laboratory Science +2348035511032 View
18Prof. ANTHONIA UGWUEZONU Public Health +23408081148792 View
19Prof. ANTHONY E. AKPANPhysics +2348030894698 View
20Mr. ANTHONY EMERIBE Medical Laboratory Science 2348038988153 View
21Dr. ANTHONY NUONUM UGBAJAGeology +2348037088803 View
22Dr. ANTHONY ACHIZIE IWUAFORMedical Microbiology/Parasitology 2348033441539 View
23Mrs. ANTONIA INAJA, EMMANUELGuidance and Counselling +23408035694403 View
24Dr. ANTOR ODU NDEPPublic Health 54028108167395455 View
25Dr. ANTOR ODU NDEPPublic Health 54028108167395455 View
26Dr. ANTOR ODU NDEPPublic Health 23408167395455 View
27Mrs. ANWAFIONG EMMANUEL NTIAEducational Foundation 07033706196 View
28Mrs. ASA JOHN GHEVOLOREnglish & Literary Studies 23408038696994 View
29Dr. ASARI EFFANGA YOUNGCommercial and Industrial Law 2348052398658 View
30Prof. ASIM EKAHA ENOPhysiology 2348032866269 View
31Mr. ASUKWO ESSIEN ITAMGeology +2348067683005 View
32Dr. ASUQUO BASSEY ENEChemical Pathology +2347034277982 View
33Prof. ATIM BASSEY ANTAIPhysiology 2348036731746 View
34Prof. ATU AUSAJI Pure and Applied Chemistry +23408033517203 View
35Dr. AUGUSTA CHINYERE NSONWU-ANYANWUMedical Laboratory Science +2348033515095 View
36Prof. AUSTINE I. OBIEKEZIEInstitute of Oceanography +2348037110855 View
37Dr. AZUBUIKE SOLOMON EKWEREGeology 0108043222004 View
38Mrs. BASSEY ASUQUO ASUQUOAccounting 08057138479 View
39Dr. BASSEY EDEM EPHRAIMGeology +2348035510115 View
40Dr. BASSEY EDEM EPHRAIMGeology +2348035510115 View
41Mr. BASSEY EYO ARCHIBONGRadiography +23408032771086 View
42Mr. BASSEY ENYI INAHPure and Applied Chemistry +2348095764251 View
43Dr. BASSEY OKON EBIEconomics +2347038116912 View
44Prof. BENEDICT ISEROM ITAPure and Applied Chemistry +2348063608005 View
45Dr. BERNADINE NSA EKPENYONGPublic Health +2348033475138 View
46Dr. BERNARD DIWA OTUEducational Foundation +23407061034000 View
47Dr. BROWN EGBE ISOKONSocial Work +23407062624516 View
48Dr. BROWN EGBE ISOKONSocial Work +2347062624516 View
49Mr. BUKIE PAUL TAWOComputer Science 2347038216502 View
50Dr. CELESTINE AKIFEYE UDIEPhysics +23480 View
51Mr. CHARITY ASUQUO HANSONReligious and Cultural Studies 2348037370117 View
52Mr. CHIMEZIE N. EMEKAGeology 2347062165088 View
53Dr. CHRIS OFFONG AKPANPhilosophy 54022108038902855 View
54Dr. CHRISTIANA CHINYERE IHEJIAMAIZUCurriculum and Teaching +2348035902372 View
55Mr. CHRISTOPHER AWA OTUEconomics +23408039431121 View
56Dr. CHRISTOPHER NASERI NASERIReligious and Cultural Studies 002208130992864 View
57Mr. CHRISTOPHER ABUA OCHICHEGeography and Environmental Science +23408162841299 View
58Dr. CHRISTOPHER OBOT UDOKABanking and Finance +2348030745898 View
59Prof. CLEMENT ABIODUN AJIBOLAHuman Kinetics and Health Education 23408023808900 View
60Mr. DANIEL EFFIONG OKUPhysics +2348131246191 View
61Mr. DAVID FRANCIS EKPOTOSocial Science Education 2348025480307 View
62Dr. DAVID ADIE ALAWAVocational Education +2348034260089 View
63Dr. DAVID OKON INYANGGeology +2348035972626 View
64Dr. DELIGHT OMOJI IDIKAEducational Foundation 2348034635424 View
65Dr. DELIGHT OMOJI IDIKAEducational Foundation 2348034635424 View
66Dr. DELIGHT OMOJI IDIKAEducational Foundation 2348034635424 View
67Dr. DEVALSAM IMOKE ENIGeography and Environmental Science 2347031985619 View
68Dr. DEVALSAM IMOKE ENIGeography and Environmental Science 23407031985619 View
69Dr. DOMINIC AKAM OBIGeology +2348037361857 View
70Dr. DONALD BETTE ENUSocial Science Education 54022108035773024 View
71Dr. DORATHY CHIOMA OKPOKAMMedical Laboratory Science +23408023552406 View
72Dr. DUKE, OTU OFFIONGPublic Administration +2348035492186 View
73Mrs. EASTER CHUKWUDI OSUCHUKWUNursing Science +23407066872167 View
74Mr. EDEMA ENOGIOMWAN IMALELEZoology and Environmental Biology +2347031263278 View
75Dr. EDET ASUQUO AMAHGeology +2347067910984 View
76Mrs. EDIENE VICTORIA FRANCISSoil Science +2348093033114 View
77Dr. EGBE EBAGU TANGBANSocial Work +2348032708999 View
78Dr. EKEMINI EDET OBOKCrop Science 2348133304788 View
79Dr. EKERE ENE UKWANGGeology +2348067233389 View
80Dr. EKPENYONG NYONG AKPANIKAReligious and Cultural Studies +2340803335213408022 View
81Mr. EKPENYONG TETE EKPEEnglish & Literary Studies +2348030421972 View
82Dr. EKPEREONNE BABATUNDE ESUPublic Health 2347065810085 View
83Dr. EKWOK, INNOCENT CHIGBEGeography and Environmental Science +23408054962746 View
84Prof. EKWUORE MONDAY USHIESociology 2348036552360 View
85Dr. EKWUTOSI ESSIEN OFFIONGHistory and International Studies 2348037041984 View
86Mrs. ELEKE ENYA EGARAccounting 08037135780 View
87Dr. ELEMI ANI Physiology +2348033363485 View
88Mrs. ELIZABETH ALFRED INEMEducational Foundation 08063184396 View
89Prof. EME EFIOM OSIMPhysiology 54008035524412 View
90Dr. EMEKA CHARLES EKEKEReligious and Cultural Studies 54000408037930856 View
91Dr. EMILIA,JAMES,OYIRA Nursing Science +234080936683932 View
92Mr. EMMANUEL ASU BISONGPure and Applied Chemistry +2347062459743 View
93Dr. EMMANUEL EKPENYONG-DUKE OKONPure and Applied Chemistry +23409029008874 View
94Dr. EMMANUEL EKPENYONG-DUKE OKONPure and Applied Chemistry +2349029008874 View
95Dr. EMMANUEL OROK DUKEReligious and Cultural Studies 0000002348090967832 View
96Dr. EMMANUEL ONYEKACHUKWU IBENEMEMedical Laboratory Science +2348033725219 View
97Mr. EMMANUEL ESHIOTSE Sociology +23408035355997 View
98Dr. EMMANUEL MONJOK MONJOKCommunity Medicine 23408144069541 View
99Dr. EMMANUEL WILLIAMS UDOHReligious and Cultural Studies 54000408034038013 View
100Mr. EMMANUEL OKON ESIEN-UMORadiography +23408023832233 View
101Prof. EMMANUEL EYO EKANEMPaediatrics +23408022907609 View
102Dr. EMMANUEL EFFIONG EDETAccounting +2348035835055 View
103Dr. EMMANUEL EFFIONG EDETBiochemistry +2348035835055 View
104Mr. EMMANUEL OFFIONG EFFANGAZoology and Environmental Biology 23408093074932 View
105Mr. ENAH ASINYA ASINYAGeology +2347031126556 View
106Dr. ENANG BASSEY UDAHEconomics +23408037134672 View
107Dr. ENANG BASSEY UDAHEconomics +2348037134672 View
108Dr. ENEMBE OKU OKOKONAccounting 54025309099100620 View
109Prof. ENEOBONG EFIOM ENEOBONGGenetics and Biotechnology +2348063920168 View
110Prof. ENO GRACE NTAEnglish & Literary Studies +2348034517204 View
111Mr. ENOSAKHARE AIYUDUBIE ASEMOTAMedical Laboratory Science 12008037935327 View
112Dr. EPHRAIM AHAMEFULA IKEGBUPhilosophy +2348036718817 View
113Prof. ERIM PATIENCE OKWUCHI +2348034037846 View
114Dr. ERNEST AFU OCHANGMedical Microbiology/Parasitology 542024208181073003 View
115Mr. ERU MBA ERUAnatomy 2347065560843 View
116Dr. ESCOR EFIONG UDOSENLinguistics and Communication Studies +23408037899614 View
117Prof. ETIE BEN AKPANGeology +2348023313063 View
118Dr. ETIM JOHNSON UMANABotany +23408037088440 View
119Dr. EUPHORIA CHIMUANYA AKWIWUMedical Laboratory Science 2348036777296 View
120Dr. EYAM SUNDAY EYAMChemical Pathology +23408035523407 View
121Engr. EYO OKON UKEMElectrical and Electronic Engineering +2348063382514 View
122Mrs. FAITH PATRICK-INEZI Pure and Applied Chemistry 2347068043990 View
123Dr. FELIX EJA OJONGSociology +2348034717696 View
124Mr. FIDELIS ADUMA WONAHAccounting 080359095381 View
125Dr. FIDELIS EDOM OBOAccounting +23408033361290 View
126Dr. FIDELIS EDOM OBOEducational Foundation +23408033361290 View
127Dr. FINA OTOSI FAITHPRAISEPhysics +2349097459033 View
128Prof. FRANCIS UNIMNA ANGREYModen Languages and Translation Studies +2348032656775 View
129Dr. FRANCIS FELIX EDETReligious and Cultural Studies +23407034920110 View
130Dr. FRIDAY OGAR IDIKUAgric. Extension & Rural Sociology 23408028600015 View
131Dr. GLORIA MAYEN UMUKOROModen Languages and Translation Studies 2348037227162 View
132Dr. GLORIA EME WORUGJIEnglish & Literary Studies +23408035085285 View
133Prof. GODFREY AKPAN IWOCrop Science 2348032118218 View
134Mrs. GODWIN AMU OTOGOBiological Oceanography +2348056320901 View
135Mr. GODWIN AKOMAYE AZAUKAGeology +2348053237733 View
136Mrs. GRACE DANISH UDOAccounting 08032375157 View
137Ms. GRACE IHEJIAMAIZU Social Work +2348036241262 View
138Dr. GREG EKPUNG EDAMEEconomics +2348038972991 View
139Mr. HYCENTH OKANG OWUIBanking and Finance +23408033767163 View
140Mr. IDAGA EVARISTUS IGELLEGeography and Environmental Science 30903655268409030662 View
141Dr. IDOM T. INYABRIEnglish & Literary Studies +2348063603045 View
142Dr. IFEYINWA MARYANN OKAFORMedical Laboratory Science 08080680620 View
143Prof. IKAMA EDET UWAHPure and Applied Chemistry +2348037362413 View
144Ms. IKEORJI, CHIKA RITASocial Work +2348036746798 View
145Dr. IMA-ABASI EFFIONG BASSEYOral Pathology/Medicine/Diagnosis 540241+2348037135655 View
146Mr. IMEOBONG JOSEPH Medical Laboratory Science +234+2348069054693 View
147Prof. IMEYEN AKPAN NOAHModen Languages and Translation Studies +23408037135787 View
148Dr. INYANG OKON OYO-ITAPure and Applied Chemistry +2347069448090 View
149Mrs. IQUO BASSEY OTU-BASSEY +23408056021969 View
150Prof. IROHA MATTHIAS KALUScience Education +23408037182834 View
151Dr. ISAAC OKEME Vocational Education +2348033452801 View
152Prof. ISRAEL N. EMECommercial and Industrial Law +23408037240370 View
153Dr. ITANG EDE EGBUNGEnglish & Literary Studies +2348032940122 View
154Prof. IWARA ENO IWARAPolitical Science +23408023361274 View
155Dr. IYELI IBE IYELIEconomics +2348036558316 View
156Dr. IYORZA ORJIGHJIGH STANISLAUSMass Communication +2347064903578 View
157Prof. JAMES EPOKE Medical Laboratory Science 54024208035069135 View
158Mr. JOB AGBA OPUEEconomics 2347062522700 View
159Dr. JOE Agric. Extension & Rural Sociology +23409036894219 View
160Prof. JOHN ATEWHOBLE UNDIEEducational Administration and Planning +2348161780392 View
161Dr. JONATHAN OKEKE CHIMAKONAMPhilosophy 23408066003714 View
162Dr. JOSEPH ENYIA EKPANGMass Communication +2348093054487 View
163Mr. JOSEPH ODEY OGABORHuman Kinetics and Health Education +23407030349922 View
164Dr. JOSEPH KAYEFOR EBIGWAIBotany +23408064173245 View
165Prof. JOSEPH ASORZoology and Environmental Biology +2348037236472 View
166Prof. JOSEPHINE ONUDINIRU AKPOTUZORMedical Laboratory Science 540242+2348037134757 View
167Dr. JOY EKO ATUGeography and Environmental Science +23408037361806 View
168Mrs. JOYCE EZEKIEL ETURAMedical Laboratory Science 23408050971611 View
169Dr. JULIET NKANE EKPANGEnglish & Literary Studies +23407038557627 View
170Mrs. JUSTINA FRAMPTON AKPANIKAEducational Foundation 08059025047 View
171Mr. KALU AMA OKORAFORZoology and Environmental Biology +2348037930542 View
172Dr. KENNETH OGAR INAKUChemical Pathology +2348023723609 View
173Mr. KINGSLEY OKOI ITAMAgricultural Economics 23408138987457 View
174Dr. LAWRENCE NKPANG EKWOKMass Communication +2348035525785 View
175Mr. LEHIOWO OBOJOR-OGAR Physics +23408035082347 View
176Prof. LEONARD NNABUENYI AGWUNOBIAnimal Science +2348035804162 View
177Dr. LILIAN OKORO Theatre and Media Studies +23408036424721 View
178Dr. LIONEL EFFIOM Economics +23408030887565 View
179Dr. LIONEL EFFIOM Economics +23408030887565 View
180Mr. LOUIS MUZONG HITLERPure and Applied Chemistry 1115+8615001075832 View
181Mrs. LOVELY BASSEY ESSUAccounting 09096405376 View
182Prof. LUCAS OLUSEGUN OGUNJIMIHuman Kinetics and Health Education +2348037134064 View
183Mrs. LUCY AKOMAYE ASUAccounting 08021029950 View
184Prof. LUCY AMBEKEH UDIDAEducational Administration and Planning +23408094301539 View
185Dr. MARK STEPHEN UMOHSurgery 23408033190680 View
186Prof. MARTIN MADU MEREMIKWUPaediatrics +2348036742377 View
187Dr. MAURICE MBAH Medical Laboratory Science 54024207039121644 View
188Dr. MAURICE MBAH Medical Laboratory Science +2347039121644 View
189Dr. MFON EYO Guidance and Counselling 2348022227311 View
190Mr. MOWANG DOMINIC AWAMZoology and Environmental Biology +2348030746060 View
191Dr. NDIFON NEJI OBIPolitical Science +2348028494791 View
192Dr. NDUBUISI OZOEMENA CHIAGHANAMRadiography +23408034080297 View
193Dr. NEJI PETER AMBAPure and Applied Chemistry +2347060610748 View
194Dr. NELSON CHUKWUDI OSUCHUKWUPublic Health +2348035872986 View
195Mrs. NGOZI UCHECHI UKAMVocational Education +23408077961418 View
196Prof. NKEREUWEM MICHAEL JOHNSoil Science +2348061163822 View
197Dr. NKESE EFFIONG MKPANAMCommunity Medicine +2348708022048063 View
198Mr. NNANA OKOI OFEMSocial Work +2347033579078 View
199Mr. NNEOYI ONEN EGBERadiography +23408065920955 View
200Prof. NWABUGO EUCHARIA NWAGBARASociology +2348055662353 View
201Dr. NWOBU EMMANUEL NNAMDIModen Languages and Translation Studies 2340803567901 View
202Dr. OBAR I. IROMHistory and International Studies 2348066632945 View
203Mrs. OBIA GLibrary and Information Science 11155508066385628 View
204Prof. OBINNA INNOCIENT ENUKOHAScience Education +2348036744279 View
205Mr. ODEY CLARENCE ODEYSocial Science Education +23407060721477 View
206Dr. OFEM EFFIONG OFEMPhysiology 2348137026600 View
207Dr. OFEM EFFIONG OFEMPhysiology 23408137026600 View
208Dr. OFFIONG, RAPHAEL AYAMAGeography and Environmental Science 540+2348034506530 View
209Mrs. OFONIME MARK OGBAMedical Laboratory Science +23408035404728 View
210Mr. OGAR ANTHONY Banking and Finance +23408063813860 View
211Dr. OGRI JAMES USHIEElectrical and Electronic Engineering +234+2348065747436 View
212Mr. OGRI, ERIC UGORMass Communication +2347064779793 View
213Dr. OJUA, TAKIM ASUSocial Work +2348033363019 View
214Dr. OKEY OYAMA OVATEconomics +2348036011315 View
215Dr. OKEY O OVATEconomics +2348036011315 View
216Dr. OKOKON ITA ITAMedical Microbiology/Parasitology 2348055930192 View
217Mr. OKPE TIMOTHY ADIEPhilosophy +2348037977188 View
218Dr. OLUWATOSIN OHOTUOWO KENNEDYAnimal Science 2348052299139 View
219Mr. OSMOND AGBOR OTORAHistory and International Studies +2348034364825 View
220Mr. OSONG, UBANA OBETENMass Communication +2347033749069 View
221Dr. PATIENCE ANTIGHA AKPANMedical Laboratory Science +2348027321305 View
222Mr. PATRICK JOHNSON MENDIEPhilosophy 54022108032182251 View
223Dr. PATRICK ENE OKONMass Communication +2348033143777 View
224Mr. PATRICK OKO ODEYHistory and International Studies +2347030572522 View
225Dr. PAUL BASSEY OKON-INYANGSoil Science +2348035401822 View
226Dr. PETER C. OKAFORPure and Applied Chemistry +2348034295604 View
227Dr. PETER SAMUEL UBIEconomics +23408035072890 View
228Dr. PETER NWACHUKWU MBAEconomics +2348034024499 View
229Mr. PRINCEWILL ODE ODUMGeography and Environmental Science 23408034720405 View
230Mr. ROLAND OCHEN MENGETHistory and International Studies +23408179472381 View
231Mr. ROMEO AKOMBI OJONGGeology +2347034364648 View
232Dr. RUFUS CHIKA OKOROPhysics 2348035082532 View
233Dr. RUFUS CHIKA OKOROPhysics 2348035082532 View
234Mr. SAMSON OMINI PAULINUSRadiography +23408039515586 View
235Dr. SAMUEL SUNDAY AKPANMedical Laboratory Science 08708038036490 View
236Dr. SCHOLASTICA CYRIL OKONEducational Administration and Planning 54022208034509445 View
237Mr. SELONG UNANAONWI EDEMGeology +2347034471211 View
238Prof. SIMON ODEY ERINGSociology 540+234-8033488197 View
239Mr. SOLOMON OFFEM IYAMMicrobiology 52304208175372807 View
240Mr. STANLEY OBIALOR ANYANWUMedical Laboratory Science +23408037358998 View
241Dr. STELLA JACKS CHINYEREGuidance and Counselling +2348023812568 View
242Prof. STELLA AJAH EFFAH-ATTOEHistory and International Studies +2348037871752 View
243Prof. SUNDAY WILLIAMSON PETTERSGeology +2348023178900 View
244Dr. SUNDAY ASUQUO EFFIONGAccounting +23408083563233 View
245Prof. SUNDAY WILLIAMSON PETTERSGeology +2348023178900 View
246Dr. SUNDAY AGBA BISONGPhysiology 2348034638115 View
247Mr. THOMAS ODEY MAGUPure and Applied Chemistry +23477829220 View
248Mr. THOMAS EGAGA USHIEPhilosophy +2348058554569 View
249Mr. THOMAS EGAGA USHIEPhilosophy +2348058554569 View
250Mr. TOKUNBO ALAGA OLORUNDAMIGeography and Environmental Science 23409033639027 View
251Dr. UBONG EKPENYONG EYOReligious and Cultural Studies +2348037012079 View
252Dr. UBONG ANIEFIOK UDOHMedical Microbiology/Parasitology +2347067930213 View
253Dr. UCHENNA EGODI AJAKEInstitute of Education 2347068540583 View
254Dr. UDE BASSEY OBETENSocial Work +2348037127382 View
255Dr. UDE BASSEY OBETENSocial Work +2348037127382 View
256Mr. UDEME EKWERE MORGANPublic Health 23408032535805 View
257Prof. UDEME ISONG ENINInstitute of Oceanography +2348052212459 View
258Mr. UKPOR PETER AGIAccounting +2348035087373 View
259Mr. UNIMUYI PLACIDUS UBUAPure and Applied Chemistry +2348038607503 View
260Dr. UQUETAN IBOR UQUETANGeography and Environmental Science 2348066127806 View
261Dr. USHIE MICHAEL ANAKESociology 54024208037341163 View
262Dr. UTI EGBAI Philosophy 2348030946788 View
263Dr. UWADIEGWU ZACCHAEUS Public Health 23408035432771 View
264Dr. UWADIEGWU ZACCHAEUS Public Health 23408035432771 View
265Ms. UWANA ETIM AKPANEducational Foundation 08186651702 View
266Mr. UWEM OKON AKPANMedical Laboratory Science 54024207031632967 View
267Mr. VALENTINE CORNELIUS IKAMAISERadiography +23408035731144 View
268Dr. VICTOR OTU OKAPhysiology +23407039558117 View
269Prof. VICTOR O.Internal Medicine +23408023573492 View
270Mr. VICTOR UDO NNAPhysiology 2348062665814 View
271Dr. VINCENT UGAH UGUMAArts Education +23407068618947 View
272Mr. YOHANNA WALIYA Moden Languages and Translation Studies 08038940016 View
273Prof. ZANA ITIUNBE AKPAGUModen Languages and Translation Studies +2349069675744 View